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08 August 2007 @ 04:05
moved again!


my mood: busybusy
05 August 2007 @ 14:54
bah bah boooooo.

ELW is officially over. the post test was HORRIBLE. gah gah gah. ):
shall remain postive :D

air-conditioned school is bad. caught a flu. now recovering. but coughing away slightly.
how am i going to K like that?

running really really low on cash.
everything must budget.
so.. i'm going to DIY my hair.
i shall have new hair colour by this tuesday! (:

DW is coming back. have to finish my reports reports. ahhhh.
i hope they bought me souvenirs!
hmm. zheyin too. who just went on his midshipman training to vietnam and a few other places. buy me souvenirs!!

school's starting. FTB's coming. 
not looking forward to any. 
my mood: listlesslistless
30 July 2007 @ 23:31

ELW was rather erh. okay. learnt some stuff. not very interesting. in fact a little dry. ): 
but made new friends. 
and am H A P P Y.

sleepy now. 

many things undone.

got to..
churn out agenda
write in to office for lesner's cert
organise my files
tidy up my room

MORE things which i cant rmb. ):

my knee is hurting again. why why why

my mood: tiredtired
29 July 2007 @ 16:52
shamir is officially, physically GONE. it feels so unreal cause the decision was just so sudden.
time for me to wake up and fulfil my role(s).

i've yet to complete my three reports. two of which are to be done before ogre is back. -sighs

tmr is the start of my very wonderful English Language Workshop. NOOOOO homework please. or i'll DIE. ):

so scary to know that people are reading my blog. must blog carefully. *chuckles

and i miss Prata Bom. the one with condensed milk inside. 
i STILL CRAVE for Ah Mei's Toast and that big cup of Milk Tea. B A D L Y   

and my room's still in a MEGAHUGE mess. heaps of stuff lying around. crumpled papers. folders with all sorts of rubbish inside.. unfolded clothes in my closet. stocks of sirius shirts. nicely arranged sirius badges on my desk (and collecting dust now..)
and though i just bought some organisers from IKEA. am TOOOOOO lazy to start tidying up my room ):

i want to enrol in Hogwarts. then chant the magic spell that will tidy up my room. and dust my room too!! WAHAHAHAHAHA
my mood: sleepysleepy
21 July 2007 @ 16:29
met up with VL this morning, along with Mr.Barney. and VL was sharing about what people use their blogs for. for me, i guess it's a channel for my friends to update themselves on my current status and stuff. and their blogs serve the same purpose too.
sometimes i do wanna just blurt out every single explicit detail, how i feel and everything on my blog. but i just cant. i still prefer to keep things to myself. 
i like to tell people about things that happened. events. happenings.
as for personal thoughts. i'll save it for myself. and maybe my mom. (:
(love my mom. who's given me great support all these while)



i think i'm abit stressed. 

(trying to view some of the vids we took in Sabah)  :D
my mood: crappycrappy
18 July 2007 @ 18:47
went to SMU for their Office of Career Services (OCS) talk yesterday. it was good. at least i finally having less regrets going to SMU. they briefed us on the numerous opportunities open to us. e.g. business mission studies, overseas internships and even some work in US programme. it does seem like SMU is really different, offering a much wider range of activities. broad based education. love it! (:
and SMU does have lots of CCAs to offer. have already decided on some. will wait till CCA day to find out more

tmr is the pre-econs camp dinner. wonder what kinda people i will meet. hahaha. kinda looking forward to it. just to see who are my schoolmates.
friday sending the UK trip people off. sat is THE day, to talk about the issue of taking over. then maybe go for fireworks or campfire. depending on barney.
WHICH means, i'll be skipping the camp. -shrugs-

i like my life a few months back. so carefree :D

i've decided to go... BATAM
my mood: blankblank
16 July 2007 @ 21:27

had a splitting headache today. 
rather sad. couldnt do anything except rest. ):
didnt get to eat my Ah Mei toast
put on mascara and everything.
didnt get to go out.

ate my super nice wanton mee.
but cant appreciate the gudness of it.
all because the splitting headache made me nauseous.

it's all so sad.

): terrible.

but i got over it! (:

my mood: okayokay
15 July 2007 @ 20:26
just returned from northeast area VLC. helped out as a service scout. gotta know new people. learnt new things about myself and others. and more importantly, learnt about life-changing events. it was more mentally tiring rather than physically. all the while, i guess i just looked damn sad cause i was so damn shagged. 

i definitely thought through lots of things in these 1.5days. scouting stuff. personal stuff. school stuff. i'm beginning to feel more of the responsibility of an adult. a mature person. ): and i dont like it. still, i HAVE to accept it and i WILL adapt to it.

i am rather sleepy. feel like catching up with some of my friends. missing them.

and i still have tons more things to deal with. ):
my life ar. WHY LIKE THAT? 

whatamidoing?                                                wheresmygetaway?
my mood: draineddrained
13 July 2007 @ 18:37
went for a morning show at J8. Harry Potter. and i must comment on MsCharlieChong's oh-so-smart act. despite being physically right beside Shamir when he booked the tickets, she had amazingly remembered the wrong location for the movie and went to Toa Payoh instead. and so, we went in without her, leaving the ticket outside with her full name written behind the tix. ):
missed like 5 mins of the show larh. poor gerl.

met up with some old friends from tampines for lunch. nth much happened. it was just old friends hanging out together.

on the way home, was just thinking how weird i am. it seems like i'm never too comfortable in guys' company. so far, only MrBuddy makes me feel at ease. HAHAHAHHAHA. maybe i dont really treat him like a guy. (: ohhh. actually it's MrBuddy and some of my male ventures. hmmm.
W H A T E V E R.

it's friday 13th. 7pm. going to pack my room before my 2D1N camp (lest my mom screams at me) then pack my bag for the camp. update rovers stuff. maybe do the report too. (actually must do larh. at least for the campfire accounts part. SIGHS)

i need my little getaway. a cheap one will do.
my mood: listlesslistless
12 July 2007 @ 19:05
I AM SO SAD ): my post just disappeared

so i was saying..

to add on to my previous post. my MR YAU told me to cheer up! (: heh
that reminds me. i have to do my stretches later. ):

went for breakfast at Ya Kun today. craving rather badly for the toast. wasnt as gud as expected ): Ah Mei toast is next on my list.
was raining like hell this morning. amazed that i actually grabbed my umbrella and.. out i went! 
the wind was disgustingly strong. it nearly distorted my umbrella. at one point of time, in just a second, my poor little umbrella was inverted ): hmpf. clever me positioned the umbrella in such a way that it got blown back to its orignial shape! heh.
the rest of the time, i was wet and dragging my slippery slippers, not forgetting clinging on to my umbrella tightly.
awful experience. 
and the rain just stopped suddenly after that. it didnt reduce in strength from a storm to a lighter rain. it just S T O P P E D. hmpf.

shamir's house was our next stop. 400 files waiting to be converted. half was done by Shamir + Austin. i completed about one-tenth of the other half. the clips. it wasnt too boring to convert those files because i get to watch them at the same time (:
it was fun viewing those silly clips.. uncovering those shots that i never knew existed. 
brought back lots of memories. precious memories that were chucked aside although i've only been back for 2 weeks.
cant wait for the video to be out. cant wait for the photos to be sent to me. 

am still looking for a cheap getaway.
my mood: contentcontent